QLD the land of big hearts – could Petrie get the next icon?

Queenslanders pride themselves on their big hearts. Just ask any State of Origin fan.

The state’s been fortunate to have a heart shaped reef used as an icon in it’s tourism for Queensland and it’s Great Barrier Reef.  Also the Gold Coast hinterland has a heart shaped rock pool at Killarney Glen falls that will possibly become more famous during the 2018 Commonwealth games.

                  Heart Reef photo by F Delventhal

So what does this have to do with Petrie?

Moreton Bay Regional Council is seeking community feedback about the Moreton Bay Region University Precinct and Mayor Sutherland has said “Community feedback will be at the heart of how we develop this bustling new destination to generate thousands of local study opportunities and jobs for our region.”

In my opinion, the MBRC’s acquisition of the Petrie Mill and concept for developing a university on the site has been a strategic win for the community. The land is situated near the heart of the residential density of MBRC and strategically located adjacent to Petrie Station at the junction of the Caboolture Line and soon to be opened Kippa Ring Line. So the land is well located to achieve the jobs and educational benefits that their plan aims for.

This community feedback provides the opportunity to encapsulate the best ideas and common themes from community stakeholders to ensure the precinct develops into an area the community will love.

So my idea, that I wish to float by you and get your feedback on, is to see a big heart lake (reshaping the existing man-made lake) within the proposed University Precinct. The lake would need modifications to one side for everyone else to see the heart.  This could be achieved through earthworks to increase the usable area of the precinct site, or to a lesser effect, simply through planting around and within the lake.

So imagine if the man-made lake was reshaped to look like a symbolic love heart. This would give the precinct something more iconic to include in their branding and marketing. As every map would show the big heart that Queenslanders pride themselves on.

Please leave your feedback in the comments area below on this big hearted “Love Lake concept”.  Despite this being a man made lake, it is acknowledged there would be environmental costs that would need mitigating in order to realise the benefits of an iconic lake for the University Precinct.

If you are from the MBRC region, I also encourage you to have your say direct to MBRC about the University Precinct. To do so, simply register your details online and fill out the survey at University Precinct.

The survey will be available until 31 May 2016 late June 2016 as per response below from Councillor Denise Sims confirming MBRC survey extension for a further month due to a great take up from the community.

Councillor Denise Sims’ reply on Facebook confirming 1 month extension to Community Feedback survey.

Post written by

Peter Stanley, Land Access and Property Consultant at GPSü Pty Ltd


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