Project Services for land and reputation

GPSü Project Services manage land delivery and transactions whilst providing property services which enhance the reputation of the development proponent.

Peter Stanley at Springfield Central Station which was delivered using expertise in the project services offered by GPSU. The Darra Springfield Transport Corridor was a $1.25B project delivering road and rail infrastructure

These project services for land and reputation sensitive dealings include the following:

  • Property strategy development and due diligence assessments of project risks and stakeholder interests including advice on land sections of environmental assessment reports.
  • Stakeholder engagement with affected owners, traditional owner groups, heritage groups and government departments with an aim of developing partnerships with stakeholders for sustainable relationships supporting project success.
  • Land access and property acquisitions including negotiation of agreements for Sales, Leases, Licenses, Easements, Settlement Agreements,
  • Heritage including Cultural Heritage Management Plans and Agreements
  • Native Title assessments, Indigenous Land Use Agreements and statutory notifications.
  • Due diligence assessments and contract management

These services are discussed further in the drop down list under Project Services in the menu:

“Back Road to Gundagai” photo by Tim J Keegan